The TM Software Tempo plugin before, 6.5.x before, and 7.x before 7.0.3 for Atlassian JIRA does not properly restrict the capabilities of third-party XML parsers, which allows remote authenticated users to cause a denial of service (resource consumption) via unspecified vectors.

packagechannelchannel versionpkg versionstatus
2020-11-21 17:05:25 UTC (a322b3)0.3.0vulnerable
2020-11-21 10:55:23 UTC (662528)0.3.0vulnerable
2020-11-20 00:35:36 UTC (069f18)0.3.0vulnerable
2020-11-15 21:10:35 UTC (2deeb5)0.3.0vulnerable
2020-11-13 02:15:20 UTC (a371c1)0.3.0vulnerable
2020-11-11 00:50:18 UTC (b839d4)0.2.0vulnerable
2020-11-08 14:00:30 UTC (a52e97)0.2.0vulnerable